Hi everyone! We are glad to announce that LocalHotChat’s has a free chatline trial has undergone a major upgrade and is now available for everyone who would like to test our chatline network before committing. We encourage every new member to sign up for our free trial and make the best use of it before reaching a decision. The most fascinating part about our hot chat trial is that it lets you use the network like a regular user. You can try out all the features available to premium members. Here is a list of some of the things you can do during your trial period:

  • Recording greetings.
  • Listening to other users over the network.
  • Connect live with users and more.

Apart from all these benefits, our chatline free-trial remains active for an entire week, i.e. 7 days. After seven days of use, if you are interested in the service, you can call our friendly customer support at 1.877.351.6824 and learn about our hot deals  and discounts for the new members.

Now, that you have signed up for our free trial, you just need to call us on the number given on our free trial page. And get started with the hottest chatline service in the states. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you explore the network completely during the trial session.

  • Start by recording a message, make sure that your message is short and is noise free. After you are done recording, listen to your greeting message to see how it sounds.
  • The next step is to see how you can listen to other members’ greetings.
  • Once you know how to listen to everyone else’s greetings, it is time to start gathering some experience.
  • You now need to find out how you can listen to other members on the network. This might sound difficult, but it is fairly simple to use feature of LHC and you would definitely find it quite entertaining.
  • The next part is to go through our chatline safety tips and start connecting with live members on the local network.
  • Free trial can also help you find the most suitable time to be live from your region.

Once you have learnt how all these functions work, make sure you know how you can change your greeting message and make your profile look more attractive. Also, go through our how to’s section and learn how you can get started with our chatline network.